Such as the production schedule and the necessary material of the pick-up of details, by the thorough management ranging from the entire project in detail, clear and to realize a highly reliable output.


Not only specification and design of WEB site, reflecting the strategy of site plan, further carried out Interface design audit that considers the usability. As well as carry out the design himself, to perform quality management in the design surface.

Along with the art director, how to think whether dropping the site plan to design, causing the page design, to perform graphics production stuck to quality until further details. Sometimes even We do Flash authoring.

Along with the art director and designer, and selects the most effective technology for the site plan and design layout implementation, to perform the program work.
In the case of large-scale projects, assistant programmer enters the help.


Web of the world, the evolution of the trend of transition and technology are becoming more and more quickly. These state-of-the-art one that must always understand the technology, you can not realize the excellent Web site and you are thinking only of the short term.
The Company, as well as to implement the Web to have the best technology strategies of customer companies in the medium- to long-term view, we aim to realize a Web site that serves as a pillar of management and marketing strategy.

– By NewTechJp.Ltd Team

01 PROJECT MANAGEMENT02 DESIGN & GRAPHIC Newtechjp Web Design and Development

All must be expertly managed to deliver the on-time, on-budget results, then, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.

02 DESIGN & GRAPHICNewtechjp Web Design and Development

Design & Graphics Marketing provides distinctive, award-winning graphic design plus the assurance of superior project management and personalized client support.

03 Coding Newtechjp Web Design and Development

By coding, we are translating requirements into a language of the environment of your application that will run in will eventually understand Projects.

04 System SMS Newtechjp Web Design and Development

We construct the Web system such as SNS functions, Database design such as PHP and MySQL then Content Management System (CMS).

05 After Effect Film Creation Newtechjp Web Design and Development
Movie for your Application, Web or CM of your Company!

Welcome to the one of the most advanced toolkit creator on the market, your promo in UltraHD (4K) using Adobe After Effect.

06 E-COMMERCE Newtechjp Web Design and Development

We create – Responsive E-Commerce Websites as is the best design for your shop with CMS including several layout homepage.

07 SEO SEM ADS DESIGN & GRAPHIC Newtechjp Web Design and Development
Home interior of Search engine marketing or Search marketing measures from keyword strategy.

Web Advertising and management of various types.